soopajess (soopajess) wrote,


there was just this creepy crawly bug in the bathroom. I HATE BUGS! Linus found it and i ran around trying to find something to kill it. came back with ant spray and fucking sprayed half the can on it. its underneath the radiator in the bathroom now. and i seriously cannot pick it up because i'm too... i dont know. i hate bugs!

the scary thought: if there is one, is there more??

i can't deal with more of these bugs. This was the size of a caterpillar and had a bunch of legs and WHAT IF IT IS ONE OF THOSE BUGS THAT GROWS TO BE HUGE! centipedes?! those fuckers scare the shit out of me. i'd end up sleeping in my car. holy fuck. i need virg to get the fuck back from new orleans and take care of this!!! AHHH.

its 2am and i was about asleep and now i'm WIDE AWAKE, afraid of these bugs. i gave linus a bunch of treats for finding the bug and then i had to close the bathroom door since i didn't wipe up the bug and ant spray and i can't have him going in there to eat it or inspect it and get poisioned.

Okay. i'm okay. holy fuck i hate bugs.
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