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everyone likes a survey...thanks Tanya :)

"You know how sometimes people on your friend's list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when are they working THERE? Since when are they dating HIM/HER? since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you *should* already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy mine below, erase my answers putting yours in their place then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration! One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out :)"

1. First Name: Jess.

2. Age: 27. Where did the time go?

3. Location: Rochester, NY.

4. Occupation: Youth Services Coordinator at the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley. Non-profit agency. I work with gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/queer/questioning/straight allied kids ages 13-25. It's a pretty awesome job.

5. Partner: Virg. She's in New Orleans for the summer and attending nursing school.

6. Kids: someday.

7. Brothers/Sisters: Dan (28) and Brian (twin-27). Dan just got back from his second tour in Iraq and is living a few hours away with his wife, Deb. They have four cats and are looking to move closer to central NY to be near family/friends. Brian is a math specialist at a rich suburban school district near Syracuse and is pretty much Type A brilliant, motivated, homeowner already. I get along very well with my brothers. They rock.

8. Pets: Linus (cat). age 8. Adopted three years ago from humane society. he is the best and i love him beyond words. Nicknames include: Killer, LiLi, Fluffybutt, Orange Chicken, Stink, Bubb. Favorite activities include: sitting in the same spot for hours, staring at the doorway, running into the closet when scared and hiding. Generally getting fur everywhere. I also had a few pets growing up. Wile E Cockatoo (citron cockatoo) is age 13 and lives with my dad and stepmom. My childhood cat, Ted, died two years ago. He was 15. I had some fish randomly.. but i'm not a big fan of fish. They are kind of gross.

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
- Work. Always busy, usually good. Trying to provide positive, fun programming for the kids and expanding services.. filling my predecessors shoes (she left in january) isn't easy.
- Generally improving relationships in my life and getting thru with Virg being in New Orleans.
- Trying to figure out if/where I'm going to move at the end of the summer.

10. Where, and for what, did you go to school?: I went to SUNY Brockport, state college in upstate NY. Had three majors until the last semester of my senior year (Health Science, Psychology, English) until taking a semester leave to attend treatment. Came back in the fall and graduated with one degree to just finish.. even though i was only 12 credits shy of three full bachelors degrees. My degree is in Health Science, with a concentration in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling.

11. Parents? They live in Syracuse. They separated when i was 8. My dad remarried when I was in my early twenties. My mom has some health issues. My dad is another Type A, successful, workaholic guy. He is funny and we get along. I'm not emotionally close to either of my parents.

12. Who are some of your closest friends?: Virg (duh... even though we have very different personalities and interests), Terri, my twin brother. I could use some closer friends. I'm very friendly with everyone, but not always easy being closer.. Does my cat count as a friend? (is that pathetic?... how about the golden girls..?)
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